I just got through reading a cool post from Treehouse Island on facebook.
(It’s the forum for the website http://www.teamtreehouse.com)
Ryan Carson, the CEO of TeamTreehouse, shared a post of his usual schedule
everyday day. (This particular company works a 4 day work week every week. Ryan doesn’t
believe in overworking and no free time. Kind of a European model which, I definitely find
more efficient and appealing.)
So within this schedule he shared quite a few links that he and the company use and I want to both
remember and look into these links:

Team Gantt
Uses Gantt charts to manage projects

Simple CRM by 37 Signals
Help track customer emails, notes, and information

Help Scout
World’s first invisible Help Desk

Well known open source hub for Web Development


Of course I plan to really get to know these links and see what they are about!



This is a great article about how to pitch yourself in 15 seconds.
A very important skill if one is trying to market themselves and/or sell a product.
Everyone needs this skill in today’s job market whether employer, employee, or entrepreneur.


WOW Slider Website

Here is an easy jQuery plug-in that will allow a designer to easily insert a responsive web design element that is commonly used today: A rotating or constant changing photo.
The site gives a lot of options in terms of usability. Fading, sliding in, etc for photos and seemingly will save the designer a lot of time and give the user a better experience.


Html 5 Validator & Filter Link
Validator.nu Living Validator

Disclaimer: (this is written on the Validator.nu website I am not the author)

Validate your HTML5 documents and filter the error messages. Validator by Validator.nu. Filtering added by Keegan Street.

Some HTML errors are outside of the control of web developers. For example some frameworks and content management systems generate invalid HTML by adding obsolete elements or attributes. This validator lets you filter out these errors so that you can focus on the errors that you do have control over. Using filters effectively will ensure that the errors you need to know about don’t get lost in the noise of framework/CMS errors.

The validation for this service is completely handled by Validator.nu. The validator is loaded with AJAX and filtering is added in as a layer on top with JavaScript. HTML5 local storage is used to remember your filtering preferences so you don’t need to re-apply the same filters on every page.

Haven’t been to either but both look interesting. General Assemb.ly especially.

Fordham College for Adult Learning

interesting looking Bachelors Program for New Media. If I had my druthers and the money I would probably choose this but….let’s be realistic. (if i could afford this college i probably wouldn’t need a job would i? but who knows?


General Assemb.ly

a place that is both a school and a work environment for start ups (not for students to work though).haven’t visited yet but the web development class looks good. Teachers have good creds.


Noble Desktop

also in the city. don’t know a lot about this place yet but looks good. lots of starter videos on their site.teaches web design but everything seems to be Adobe based which is a bit limiting in my opinion as much as I love Adobe


Ruby on Rails beginners book. Very funny, tongue and cheek but good explanation and tutorials etc.


Great jQuery Plugins on Splashonology.com
(leaving the long link on purpose)