Ok I haven’t mentioned how much I love horses. I love them and love images of them “without” riders. They are one of the most beautiful animals. Not to mention my Chinese sign is also a fire horse which just adds to the fascination.



Today’s Learning Journal

Feeling a bit slow out of the the starting gate.


CSS Tabs

Found a neat tutorial on making tabs with only CSS to play with. I like this and it was easy to play with and change around to suit my needs. The tutorial is from PriteshGupta.com

Inline CSS with WordPress

Starting to use inline CSS on WordPress today. Gotta figure out a way to make pages & layout look better. Used a Inline CSS for WordPress tutorial at Arsgrafik.com

960 Grid System Tutorial

Looking at tutorials for 960 grid design.
So far the better ones seem to be Tutsplus Prototyping with 960 tutorial.
The other I found was 960 Grid System Made Easy.

Most important things to remember about using 960 Grid System, from the Six Revisions Website:

  1. Use the container_12 class for the 12-column version and the container_16 for the 16-column version.
  2. Use the classes grid_1, grid_2, grid_3, etc. to set your column widths. If you want to fill a page horizontally, make sure the numbers add up to 12 or 16 (i.e. grid_4 + grid_2 + grid_6 = 12).
  3. Use the push and pull classes to independently position items on the page, regardless of their position in your page’s markup.
  4. Use the prefix and suffix classes to create empty spaces in your layout.
  5. Use the alpha and omega to fix the margins for any nested grid units.
Color Palette Website

Still watching the Grid Video Tutorial and realizing I need to also start using or at least thinking about Color Palettes.
I must admit I just flubbed through the Color section of the tutorials I studied on Team Treehouse. But there is a good site for choosing Color Palettes at
There is one good site for this at kuler.adobe.com.
Another site is Color Scheme Designer.

Core Web Fonts

Here is a site that lists with examples, the Core Web Fonts:

Credit Where Credit is Due

I’m trying to make sure I credit each tutorial and person who gives the tutorial with a link because I feel that if they took the time to provide it for free, there should at least be easy access here on this blog to show who they are. I may not have read about them yet, but with the links I can also just check back on my blog and go read about them or study some of there designs or read more about their blogs. Without this journal I simply just forget and go on a scouring rampage online to try to find the person or tutorial again.